Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Love My Purple Tights!

Although I am a Fashion Challenged person, I have embraced the colorful tights trend.  It has seemed  to be a reasonably safe thing to do and I hope it's not over yet but I was watching on our recent trip to France and saw only black tights.

These purple ones that I bought have been finding more and more a place in my wardrobe since I wear a lot of purple.  My daughters say, "Gee, Mom...purple?" But I find them comfortable and a little bit of a fashion statement.  So this is how I incorporated them into my dancing outfit this week:
The skirt is a refashion from a dress originally made withSimplicity 4074, kind of a mock wrap, which was ok but I found the fabric too dull when close to the face.  I looked kinda zombie-like actually.  I just cut off the top and turned it into a flared skirt.  The top is another Jalie 2806,  number 5, I think.  With this last one I raised the neckline a little, which turned out to be a PITA, had to do it about 4 times.  Both of these garments are rayon/lycra and the skirt fabric is from Christine Jonson.

I forgot to say that the tights were a special souvenir from France last year, bought at the Monoprix, which is a common store there, kind of mid-price range.  On that trip I hadn't found any fabric stores (sob!) but was glad to find something that I could wear often that reminded me of that trip.

Wearing purple always makes me happy.

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