Saturday, October 6, 2012

KS 3267 Men's Pants=5 # Temporary Weight Gain By Wife

This Kwik Sew pattern for Men's dress pants was something I had been wanting to try for a while for Mr.D.  The Dilemma in this case was the fabric: what would be appropriate yet not too expensive in case it was a total wadder?  I have made Kwik Sew shirts many (many, many) times for my husband and know that those work well (obviously) and so was fairly confident about the pants.

Enter my Marden's mystery stash.  Marden's is a surplus/salvage store here in Maine and kind of an institution, which I will be talking about in an upcoming post.  The fabric I chose is (I think) a men's suiting, maybe a tropical wool or poly/rayon with no tag but COST ONLY $3 PER YARD.  You gotta know your stuff at Mardens'.

I cut a size medium for Mr D who informed me that he had a 32" waist (ha, ha) and allowed for some expansion.  For the waistband interfacing I used some pro-weft medium supreme from Pam Erny, which she very kindly helped me with by email and for the pockets I used some cotton from my quilting stash, something quite tightly woven.  For the next go-around, I decided, I would order supplies from Sew True  or Atlanta Sewing Supply.

Here are a couple of construction photos showing the inside waistband bound with rayon seam binding, only color I had but blended well, and then the back welt pockets with ONE buttonhole as requested by the Wearer.  These welts are not perfect but not bad and accounted for 4 of the 5 pounds gained by me during the process as well as the temporary loss of some sanity.  I have to give Kwik Sew high marks for their excellent instructions on the pockets as well as the fly.  I always use their fly instructions for all pants.

And   here are the pants worn with as many views as I could get before the model lost patience; please ignore the background interest.  As a couple of reviewers noted on Pattern Review, these pants run BIG in the legs--I had to take them in considerably, going by a well-fitting pair of RTWs.

I will be making more since he wears these quite a bit and finds them comfortable, which he probably just says to quiet my anxiety.  I think they look good on though and I'm satisfied.

We never got back to talking about the waist size however.:))

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