Monday, October 8, 2012

What Would You Have Done?

We're all familiar with Goodwill and Salvation Army, right?  And right now "refashioning" is quite popular. I have already described on a previous post about making tee shirts for my grandson out of men's tees from the Goodwill.

Daughter C and I recently discovered the "Pound", a place that I describe as "last-chance motel" for Goodwill buys.  This is a huge warehouse near Portland where items get brought out on large moveable tables for people to paw through before being baled up and sent overseas.  Everything is sold by the pound, hence the nickname. While pawing through on my own I discovered this:

This is a beautiful handknit sweater that was made for someone.  It has quite a lot of complicated stitching and lovely buttons.  Although I cannot wear this color, I was so sad that I just had to take it and will at least repurpose the buttons.  It's quite common to see afghans and baby sweaters at these second-hand places, which makes me feel bad too but why this particular sweater?  Personally I have saved handknit baby items and similar things given to me like blankets and afghans.  I still have a sweater that my grandmother made me when I was 12 years old (and it still fits).

So the mystery of this beautiful sweater will never be solved, I guess, but I can appreciate the workmanship for a little while.

Would you have taken it?

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